Merely I devote few Minutes of my time to write something about the contemporary issues and history of the great tribe in which I am proud of being  from “The Gadabuursi.”

Something to note is That is Blog is Free from offensive and Vulgar language against other somali Tribes,  comments fueling hatred will be deleted instantly,  our motto concerning this issue is Af xumo nabadna way kaa kaxaysaa, colaadna wax kaagama tarto”.

Contributions are highly welcomed and encouraged as long as they go along with the blog policy.

Again this is not Tribalism in which we are not growing hatred or  doing  harm “First do no harm” , it is about Tribe & Tribal HistoryIf you cannot tolerate or do not accept that , simply click the close icon on the upper right corner of your screen in that we are not imposing it you to read our updates.

Lastly  “To err is Human” You may see Few mistakes while surfing the blog, Correct us and we will be thankful, Just send us email with the correct information, or leave it on the comment section.

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